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Sports play a unique role as means to enrich lives of everyone.

The people who play sport perform better at work or at school, are happier, healthier, mentally sound

and socially more adjustable.

Sport is by far the most effective means of physical exercises and fitness.

It is because its joyous nature, and satisfaction or challenges showered through winning and losing moments.  

High profile sporting success is a pride of a nation and helps to promote our national identity and patriotism where as participation builds friendship.

Be it a participant, a coach, an administrator, a volunteer, a supporter or even a spectator

sport is a game everyone can win in some way.


There is much in sport of which Mizoram can be proud.

There was a vibrant sporting culture, unique traditional sports which enjoy widespread support, in the Mizo life. 

Comprehensive National Sports Policy 2007 (Draft) cited Inbuan and Insuknawr the two indigenous games of the Mizos as an inheritance of Indian civilization.


There still are much more indigenous games of our very own, which are manifestation of the depth in sporting culture of our people based upon tradition that trickled down from faraway era.

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