Government of Mizoram


The Mizoram Sports council was established under the Mizoram Sports Council Act 2002 to provide for promotion and development of games and sports in the State of Mizoram and for the Constitution of Sports Council at the State level and matters connected therewith.

The State Sports Council is empowered with special power to make provision for the promotion and development of sports and games in the State by securing greater measure of participation of the people in the sports and games and its promotion and to invest in such State Sports Council.

The objective of the Council are to plan and strive for all-round development of all games and sports in the State, to inculcate discipline, to build character, to promote team spirit and patriotism through games and to foster a spirit of comradeship between the different associations.

The Mizoram State Sports Council is an autonomous body having constitutional powers to the extend as empowered by the provisions of The Mizoram Sports Council Act 2002.