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Sport facilities plays a crucial role in promotion of sports. Mizoram has the utmost priority to establish sufficient Sport infrastructure to facilitate the implementation of ‘Sport for All”. In order to guide the development of facilities and sporting infrastructure according to the needs and resources of the state the following two main tasks are identified.

Upgrading and prolongation of the existing sports infrastructure

In order to maximize the prolongation due attention is given to maintenance of the existing basic sport infrastructure in the state and set up a system at village and district levels for this purpose.

List of existing sports facilities under MSSC -

- R. Dengthuama Multipurpose Indoor Hall, Mualpui

- Hawla Indoor Stadium, Republic Vengthlang

- Ramhlun Indoor Stadium, Ramhlun

- Mizoram Table Tennis Hall, Mission Veng

- Mizoram Judo Hall, Zemabawk

- Mizoram Boxing Hall, Ramhlun Sports Complex

- Taekwondo & Powerlifting Hall, Republic Vengthlang

- Multipurpose Sports Complex at Joint YMA Field, Vaivakawn

- Ramhlun Sports Complex, Ramhlun

- Republic Field, Republic Veng

- Aquatics Complex, ITI Veng

- Sihphir Multipurpose Hall, Sihphir

- Regional Sports Training Centre, Saidan

- Sports Centre, Muallungthu

- Zauva Sailo Memorial Tennis Centre, Lunglei

Creation of new modern sports facilities in a phased manner 

The present infrastructure and sport facilities in the state are hardly sufficient to the ever growing needs for sports. Moreover, the infrastructure currently available is mostly multi-purpose in utility and the facility dedicated for the specific game is a much needed facility.

The Government of Mizoram is taking an undaunted step to create new modern sport facilities, which are on a par with the requirement of highly competitive sports in a phased manner, so that necessary infrastructure is built up over a period of time.


Mizoram State Sports Council has Sports Medicine Unit established in 2013. Under the supervision of Sports Medicine Doctor there are Physiotherapist, Sports Nutritionist, Nurse and Office Assistant. Mizoram State Sports Council provides services for prevention of injury, rehabilitation programme, first aid and injury prevention at this unit.

One of the unique programme under the Sports Medicine Unit is Fitness Test of which outstanding players representing the state shall go through various fitness test batteries depend on their chosen games.

The Sports Medicine Unit also has regular programme such as Seminar and Workshop to propagate awareness in hazards of doping.